Harsh Realities Of Rural African Life

Irish photographer Kenneth O’Halloran, working with the non-profit organization Self Help Africa, visited rural areas in Malawi, Kenya, Zambia, Burkina Faso and Togo to capture the realities of life in smallholder farming communities – under the threat of climate change, some of the world’s most vulnerable peoples.

Kenneth O'Halloran

David Matandala, 75, harvests maize in Mlonda Village, Malawi. Sanwogou Lalle, pictured right – a 38-year old mother of five and rice farmer in Tonte Village, Togo – lays out her grains to dry on a blue concrete surface.

“The shrinking supply of fish from the lake has significant implications for food security in Malawi, where most of the population can rarely afford to buy meat, and rely on fish from the lake as a crucial source of protein, minerals and micronutrients.”

Fisherman Peter Chirwa, 45, prepares his nets in Ngosi Village, Malawi.

Kenneth O’Halloran is the winner of the Open Competition category of the Syngenta Photography Award 2017. A selection of these works were on display at Somerset House in London.

via CNN

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